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New Blog Home

I have a new blog home. I think this is finally a home I will stay in.

On Becoming Maria

See you there!


It's Time For Us To Love A Little Harder

It’s been seventy-five days since 45 became president and somehow the country is still standing despite what many of us thought might happen. There’ve been some awful policies signed into effect, but I suppose that depends on your point of view. I have decided not to get into all of that on this particular post. Let’s just talk, okay? America is still the home that I love, no matter how frustrated I get with some of her directions. You are still my fellow citizens, whether you live down the street, in the next state over or across the country— you are still my neighbors. And I know this sounds crazy, but I still love all of you.
It’s been forty-three days since I wrote my last post. And let’s be clear: I don’t regret one word of that essay. Not one. Gone are the days when I wrote on the blog like some one dimensional, happy-go-lucky, dancing bear, here to titillate and stroke you for your reading pleasure. Fuck that. That girl was a menace, controlled by her own demons. If you fell in …