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No More Fucks To Give

I’m about to talk about white America, aka mainstream America, aka the American majority (although the numbers are rapidly changing), aka the status quo. But before I get into a discourse about all the fucks I no longer give where white America is concerned, let me preface with this. I am fortunate to have known some beautiful and loving white people in my lifetime so far, some of whom treated me like family and some who are still my friends. In addition, with all the millions of people who live in this country, I know there are plenty of white people who I’ve never met who are not only awesome, but also just as kickass about social justice as many black people are about expanding civil rights.

With that said, try not to make what I’m about to say about you unless of course this applies to you, in which case, it’s about fuckin time you opened your eyes about the ongoing disparities which enlarge white privilege, while keeping so many black people disenfranchised in America.
I am all out…

How I Finally Found My Real Voice

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
That’s how it went for the last four months before finally deciding to come here and write this post. To write or not write, say or not say, speak or not speak, tell them or just say fuck it. One day they may see me elsewhere and make their own connection. But did I really want to leave my narrative to chance? Nah. 
It is black history month after all, I finally decided. What better time than now to say what I have to say. It is one year since Beyonce stunned and blessed the world with her ass-kicking album, Lemonade. 
In a nutshell, I have transformed. For the entire eight years of blogging, I knew I was morphing into someone I had yet to really see fully. I felt the occasional rolling wave of  new thoughts, heard unexpected cracking noise in a moving joint, felt a tickle in the throat, there came a cough, a stomach tremble, was my skin stretching?— sometimes I would simply freeze, stare off into space …. wait, listen, and wonder ….. who?