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Friday, November 30, 2012

We, Americans

I'd love to read a headline a headline like this: American citizen struggles to change with country. Man goes through motions on auto-pilot.
Isn't that about right? I think it is. And I'm not just talking about the recent election. I'm talking about the many changes in our world in recent years.
For instance, five years ago I had to wrap my head around the fact that my 19 and 16 year old kids used texting to communicate more often than talking on the phone. I distinctly recall wanting to press the brakes on that technological evolution and its results.
It seemed so wrong, ya know? Young people opting for abbreviated words and abbreviated sentences instead of practicing converstation.
My kids would be fine, I knew. Whether in the mood or not, I've always engaged them and they've always responded. We've been talking since they were teething droolers. But what about their peers, likely living in unparalleled circumbstances? The outlook for their generation appeared grim. 
So yes, cell phones were good and bad in my life when it took off with popularity.
My grandmother probably felt this way about the computer replacing the typewriter or the microwave accompanying the oven (for different reasons, of course). We've been flooded with so many changes in our country.
When immigrants were fleeing their land to improve their quality of life, looking towards a hopeful future in the new world, and when African kings sold their countrymen into slavery to Europeans, nobody considered fully how it would all shake out (in a few hundred years). What a beautiful mess we've become.
If socialists didn't have such a chokehold on all things media, including the editorial and book industry, there might have been a section in self-help available to American citizesns on how to live in this new newworld. We might have some guidance on how to swallow our grinding to raw irritation in the face  of the Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas during these coming weeks.
We might learn how to adjust to being outnumbered by the unemployed. How to accept organized campaigns which attack businesses and capitalism. How to accept propagandized hatred of wealthier citizens. How to accept ceaseless instigation of racial division.
How to accept being forced to share our earnings with people who refuse to work. How to accept consecutive life sentences to infinity of amends-making for slavery and racism.
Whereas once upon a time, all across our old worlds, we freely referenced God and declared our thanks for His love and His mercy, to such extents, we even fled old homesteads to freely worship elsewhere. Today God references are considered outdated, offensive and even ridiculous. (What a crazy, upside down world we're living in!)
How to stick to your morals in the face of overwhelming odds, would have been nice.
Oh there's so much more! But I'm sure you get my drift.
Maybe some of us are old and tired and cranky and who cares as long as they stay off my property unless they wanna get shot. I'm not that old, but sometimes I feel just that way. But then a thought nudges and I say to myself: Hey young lady. Somebody out there might need to know they're not alone with their thoughts on these very matters.
And many of us have children attached to us. Who need us to keep pressing truthfully on their behalf. And some of us just plain love this country and what is used to represent. So there ya go!
You're welcome.
Merry Christmas and God speed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things I Was Gonna Write About and Welcome Followers

Honestly? I've got nothing. But it's already been a week since my last post. Unless I'm inexplicably teary facing some major life challenges, I'll try to write something after a week. I actually wrote several whole posts over the past month, one as recently as the day after Thanksgiving. But I just could not hit the publish button on any of them. Eh. I wasn't crazy about any of them.
I was gonna write about my Thanksgiving highlights. Ya know? More gratitude stuff, my kids maturing before my eyes, my mom being .... well, mom, yada yada yada.
I read some really great Thanksgiving posts. They inspired ideas and reminders of my own gratitude. But then I was all like, umm... er... uh... forget it. I don't feel like it.
I was gonna write about May-December relationships and what the big draw about it is, the likely answer being sex. And if that's the answer, have we become a society of creepers or what? Or am I being too quick to judge? Cuz I'm reading this novel by Reynolds Price about such a romance, so it got me thinking on this as a topic.
But then I was like, ugh! Nah! Some other time.... maybe.
I was gonna write about being back on Facebook again. And then I was like, Who cares?! Get over yourself already. Sheesh! Trust me, that did not even make it into a typed line (until now) .
The Inherited Crazy Gene
I'm thinking about my mother a lot so I may write something about mothers... eventually.
Liberal Boarishness
I even thought about writing a post on why liberals do what they do. Such as why- as talented as some are- why they spew. Cuz I was watching one of my favorite television series recently, but had to shut it off when I was attacked (yet again) by the liberal agenda. But then I pouted and thought, screw those screwy libs. Besides, no politics until I want to.
The end.

In other news, I picked up two new followers, Donna from My Life From the Bleachers and Kitty from Kitty Tells It As It Is. (actually they joined a few weeks ago) Thank you two for following, I appreciate you checking out my blog. Welcome to My Voice!
In still other news, I had an excellent Thanksgiving. The food was great, my family was fun and loving (almost everyone, most of the time), and my one day extra off from work was priceless. 
So! How was YOUR Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Happiness, Enjoy!

I'm feeling giddy and smiley as I get set to run around with the last of my Thanksgiving to-dos, which includes one last run to the supermarket for a few recipe ingredients I forgot. But I wanted to pop in here and send some wishes your way first.
I am oh so very thankful for you who keep showing up here to read this little ole blog, through strife and good times.
I am thankful for my family and my friends.
My youngest is home from school and my oldest arrives tonight! My mom arrives this afternoon! We're gonna get downright silly and laugh alot.

It's what we do.
I am thankful to live in the greatest country in the world. America is still beautiful! I thank God for her.
I hope you guys have a wonderful day tomorrow, with your family, with your friends and/or with your own selves. I hope you eat, drink, and have merriness! Let's take a moment and give thanks for our bounties, however small.
Smile! It's contageous!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nothing Personal Against You.....

....but, I don't want to talk about politics for a while. Actually it'll be a really long while. So if that's the main reason you read here, now's a good time to stop reading. America has changed, so naturally I'm changing with it, starting with the direction of my blog.
I won't talk quilting or flowers or beading cause I've always been more of a tomboy. There's loads of Amercia and culture topics to blog about, so there'll still be that. I will continue to give my two cents on the world around us as I see it. And yet...  
I'm not one to belabor points. Our guy lost, the other guy won. I don't want to spend the next four years discussing a play by play of America's possible end or the end of the world as we know it.
So I'm moving on with life.
Again, no offense to anyone whose blog is mostly dedicated to politics. Clearly I've enjoyed reading your stuff and will continue to do so. But, I will read with a little less frequency, nothing personal against those bloggers. We're all are doing our part as patriots and every blog counts- if we choose to keep writing. I will always be partial to everyone of you conservatives and right-wingers. I sincerely love you guys!
And as detrimental to America as most of them are, as thick as many of them are, I have love in my heart for the lefties too. God instructs me in this regard. Besides, anger is exhausting! It takes way too much energy to piss and moan. 
God is and has always has been the Highest Power in charge of my life. So it doesn't matter to me who sits in the white house. The life I am living is filled with fun, laughter and a whole lotta love. Always has been. Sure, there's some sad points, some difficult days, always will be. But that's life, right?

So! Thanksgiving.... that's very much my focus right now. I'll be cooking for five, which doesn't sound like much compared to many of you.
What about you? Are you cooking or what? Do you know how to brine a turkey? Anything special on your menu?
This is me rolling, friends. For now, this is what I've got. What about you? What have you got?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Results Heard Round The World

At first I was stunned. Stupefied. I was all like, Wait, what?! Noooooo! GET OUT! SHUT-UP! No effin way!
And then I was pissed! Righteous indignation. I was sizzling! Effin liberals! Stupid effin sheep! Aaarrrrgghh!!
And then I was scared. For my country, for my future, for my children, for my family and my friends.
But I looked at the clock (yesterday morning) and I realized I had to keep moving, had to get to work. On the ride in I started going numb, my mind began shutting down, blinking on and off.
I got to my office building, walked past co-workers and greeted them on auto-pilot, fake smiley-face. How does one behave with the firm understanding of their country coming apart at the seams, imploding, and crumbling?
It felt like I was going to work immediately following the death of a loved one. At the office, there were a few hushed conversations. But more noticeable to me was the louder talk. The audible conversations were intentionally avoiding the elections topic!
And there it came. My pain in slow, dull waves of hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt. Living out loud in a land among men and women who seemingly loathe each other. Some of them loathing America each and every day. Their man had won. Our man had lost. One half of the country cheered, while the other half mourned.
How does one behave when in the face of such strong and divergent emotions among their countrymen?
I had to leave. I couldn't stay and spend eight hours pretending I was okay.
So I went home and went to bed. When I woke up a few hours later, I became teary. My brain lights blinked in and out, leaving me numb and staring at the wall in silence most of that afternoon. For the remainder of the day I communicated with my family about family stuff and one of my sweet patriotic friends about .... well, this stuff.
Today after much prayer and meditation on our loving God the Father, I am BACK! And I'm here to tell you, this may or may not be the end of America as we know it. However, I am still an American, which translates to fight! fight! fight! for God, for our freedoms, for our families, and for our country!
The future may look bleak, but today looks very good. I have God's loving arms around my countrymen and myself. I have my health. I have the love of my awesome, hunka-hunka husband and my beautiful children. I have the love of a nutty but well-meaning family and the love of my beautiful friends (the family I got to choose).
Yes we are outnumbered by men and women ...
who condone new definitions of "family,"
who want to stamp out all references to God,
who want to open our borders to illegals,
who believe that children can thrive in single-parent homes,
who want to grow government to over-reach in our lives,
who agree with class-warfare, who believe that capitalism is bad,
who feel entitled to the earnings of others,
who are waging war against marriage,
whose morals and values change to align with popular t.v. culture,
who using our schools to train budding socialists,
who are sheep that follow the herd.
Yes, we are outnumbered. Because excellence translates to exception. America has never been ordinary. She has risen from ashes before and she shall rise again. God blesses us all and God is surely blessing America. We are in His design, our journey unfolds by His will for our lives. We are all going to be splendid. That makes me feel pretty good.
Sending my love to you, patriots. Now let's keep rolling dagnamit!

That's my truth and I'm sticking with it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

This Is It, America!

Tomorrow's the big day. For those of us who haven't already voted early, tomorrow will be our turn make our presidential selection. How excited/nervous/terrified/relieved are we?! Very.
I have no idea who will be our next president. I just know I'm voting for Mitt Romney and praying hard.
Once again my husband and I were approached by an Obama supporter who assumed we too are in his camp. He proudly pointed out his Obama/Biden sticker. Uh huh. Cuz skin is so in! Whatever bro.
Half the country will be mighty disappointed and pissed off come Wednesday morning.
Good luck, patriots! Let's roll!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Deadly Mayhem

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during Hurricane Sandy. Please keep them coming for the numerous families here on the east coast who've lost loved ones, lost homes, and/or continue to be without power during this cold season.

Hurricane Sandy took lives, 40 and still counting in New York. Sadly, the two boys pictured above, 4 and 2 year old, Connor and Brandon Moore, drowned after currents ripped them from their mother's arms. Their SUV was overturned by flood waves on a Staten Island street. You can read the rest of that story here.

With our residence standing few hours outside the epicenter of the storm, my family and I were safe. We've been merely inconvenienced with the continued absence of power due to downed trees and wires. But we are blessed to have the most amazing friends.

As devastating as the winds were in our area, the worst of the damage was in New Jersey and New York. I imagine it'll be another few weeks, following the grim cleanup, before we know the actual death tolls. 

Keep your prayers coming, friends.

I'll try to be back to regular blogging soon.

UPDATED 11-3-12: We got power back yesterday afternoon. Slept like a baby in my own bed last night. Boy oh boy, there's no place like home! :-)