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Friday, August 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Delivered!

I thought Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the GOP convention was perfect. He delivered as far as this American is concerned. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his speech:

I am scary excited about November. Why? Because so many of us Americans are ready to make a change happen in our white house. Because the nightmare of the last 3.5 years under the reign of Barack Obama might actually be coming to an end. Because Mitt Romney could become the president of these United States of America and that would please me immensely.

That's all from me for now. More thoughts to come soon.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Closing Out the Summer

You might want to skip this post since it's personal and random.

One of the great perks of writing for me is being able to review the steps I've taken in this life. As the summer comes to a close I'm reviewing what got done and what comes next.

How do you know when your summer's ending? Every few years the answer to that question changes for me. Today this is how I know my summer is ending:
  1. The U.S. Tennis Open begins.
  2. I help my daughter with preparations for her return to life on campus. Hubby preps our SUV for our all day road trip to her university.
  3. I find myself checking the indoor thermostat more frequently because my mornings feel chillier.
  4. I start counting how many weekends I have left to play tennis. I don't look forward to being cooped up during the cold months when the courts are snowfilled.
  5. I see the dreaded yellow school buses occasionally on during my commute to work. It reminds me, in just one more week traffic will double with students, teachers, parents and bus drivers. I'm gonna need to start leaving earlier in the mornings again. Yuck.
  6. In the supermarket produce selections don't look so good and prices go up.
  7. T.V. commercials are filled with smiley youth dancing to gay choreography about back-to-school ads. Ugh.
  8. Occasional thoughts of 9-11 are popping in more frequently.
I'm sure there are other signs but that's all I can think of at the moment.

Along with the closing of summer comes the ending of another year. Now that I'm older, I'm paying attention to how I spent my time each year. Whereas before, I used to just put my head down in life and barrel forth. When I saw that three or five (or even ten years) had elapsed I'd look up and say, Whoa! Where'd the time go?! I guess when we're young we think we've got all the time in the world.

The fleetingness of time has smacked me into reality. Death and illness among loved ones can do that.
What was 2012 like for me? Of my accomplishments this year, my favorites were:
  1. Hubby and I tore up our living room carpet and put in laminate hardwood floors. (Knee pads are a must!) 
  2. Patiently sitting for two months on picnic chairs until we got our new furniture last weekend. We threw out the couch cause it was old and stinky. And it made putting down the floors easier.
  3. Growing closer to my daughters. We've always been close, but I didn't realize being friends with them as adults would be so amazing and wonderful (If you've been reading me since the beginning, feel free to smile knowingly).
  4. We went shooting at a local gun range. That was fun!  
Can I say I had a perfect year in 2012? Nope. Not even close. There were many moments when I made mistakes. Choices that were just plain wrong. I can't remember any of them right now, but they happened, I assure you. Maybe stupidity is like physical pain, in that it's hard for us to remember the specifics. I'd like to think so, instead of wracking my brain to memorialize the errors of my ways.

So another summer is at its end and I'm getting ready for fall. This year we had many more beautiful summer days in the northeast than bad ones. We didn't get to the beach, but we got lots of sun.

With autumn ahead, I look forward to better television programming, my wedding anniversary, and milestones for our children.

What about you? Was it a good summer? Are you looking forward to the fall?


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Calling All (Mah) Homies!!

At a diverse gathering in Virginia, Joe Biden, directed some inflammatory words to the black listeners in attendance. "They're gonna put y'all back in chains!" warned Joe with a faux-southern dialect. Biden claims he was referencing republicans giving Wall Street cronies free reign or something.
No surprise, the Obama camp backed up Joe's inciteful words, demeaning not not only to blacks, but to ALL Americans. Barack Obama suggested we're taking Biden's words too literally. Put another way, Obama suggested, Joe said it but he didn't really mean it. Sorta like Obama's "You didn't build that" insulting comment to business owners.
Oh, you know, cuz we're all over-sensitive dolts, over-reacting to every little thing. What's a little slave reference among friends? They're gonna put y'all back in chains! Obama cleared that right up with this remark:

I call bullshit on that response! Your paygrade demands a bit more responsibility for what comes out of that piehole and your teen-like defense is unacceptable.
Mitt Romney gave a slap-in-the-mouth response, to Team Obama, IMHO: "Take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago."
Both Romney and Ryan declared that Biden's remark sinks the office of the presidency to yet another low. I couldn't agree more. But they also reminded us Team Obama will continue on this course as a means to distract voters from real issues. Divide and conquer, basically.
As disgusting and disheartening as Joe's remarks are, their dirty campaigning really is par for the course of where we've come in America since November 2008. As painful as it seems, this evolution of racial acclamation is necessary for us as countrymen. We still acclamating to the racial discord of America's past and present. However, sooner rather than later the hat trick of race cards, is revealed for its repeated slight of hands.
Individuals on the left (or center, moderates, whatever) who continue in dismissing and defending Team Obama's reckless play on words see only what they want to see. Sure! The same can be said about us on the right. But if you're a thinking person consider this:
Joe Biden is nobody's homeboy. The Scranton native did not switch to a southern preacher's drawl to drive home any points about Wall Street cronies despite his claims. So when he says "put y'all back in chains" you should ask yourself why those words don't bother you. If you're still feeling dismissive about it all, alrighty then. Go back to sleep, I didn't mean to disturb you.
Many of us are awake. And I don't care what color any of us are. I don't think it's clever nor do I see any humor in using embarassing, racially tense phrases to further your campaign. I'm not going to stand around pretending you didn't say and mean what you said, Joe.
That's my truth and I'm sticking with it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

America's Comeback Team

Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate to the presidency! They are calling themselves America's Comeback Team. I think that's a perfect name considering where we've been as a country, especially these last three and half years.

The coming weeks in this presidential campaign look exciting. I'm stoked! Mitt Romney made a brassy decision with his choice of Paul Ryan. No pandering to the latest improvised and arbitrary quotas. Take that MSM! I look forward to seeing where you will go with (GASP!) the story of two white men on the GOP ticket.

ROMNEY/RYAN in 2012!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally! The Theater Is Calling....

I can remember when I used to LOVE movies. I didn't necessarily have to go to the the theater everytime a new movie came out. But up until six years ago I'd say my family and I took in a theater movie at least twice a year. Now? Not so much. Maybe once every two years if we're lucky.

The movie industry has taken such a nose-dive into hysterical propaganda, they can no longer be counted on for pure entertainment. It's sad, really. There's so little creativity going on anymore.

And yet... I'll never write them off completely. What can I say? I need the occasional story-telling escape that can be found in a decent movie or television show.

So lately I have my eye on this new movie, The Bourne Legacy. I enjoyed all three of The Bourne... stories. First of all I think Jeremy Renner is an excellent actor. I loved him in The Hurt Locker. Second, even though he did a good job as Jason Bourne, I'm glad to see Matt (liberal-fruit-loop) Damon gone. Apparently Damon and the director from the last Bourne movie made some kind of pinky-promise bro-mance pact to not do any more of these movies without each other.

So now you know where my hubby and I will be for at least a few hours this weekend. What about you? Do you have any good movie recommendations? And while we're on the topic of recommendations....

Have you read any good books lately? Please share your book love with me in the comments (no Stephen King please. He and I broke up a few months ago).

That's my truth and I'm sticking with it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do Me A Favor, Don't Do Me Any Favors.

Have you ever been patted on your head when you were a kid? I don't know about you, but I didn't like it. One, said my kid thoughts, I'm not a friggin puppy! And two, I'm a kid, I'm not a little kid! There's a difference, ya know!? Stupid big people!

Michelle Obama is a sad little person, so I'll try not to pick on her too much as I explain myself here. But if there are any Michelle fans out there, who find themselves feeling tense right now, i.e. breath-holding, clenched teeth, flexed muscles, you may want to stop reading.

To the main stream media, you need to know that your jig is completely up! You are the emperor without his clothes on, so to speak. And if you have even a smidgen of self-respect left, you will stop writing these fawning news articles about Michelle Obama.

We get it, MSM. Michelle screwed up by revealing her true feelings to voters about America back when Obama was running for president. She never liked her country, but magically found some affinity for it once said country voted for Barack Obama. Foot in mouth of insatiable ingrate. Check! So you, MSM, have been in a constant scramble ever since, showing Michelle other demonstrations of your love.

Not because you want to prove to Michelle Obama just how wonderful other Americans can be. No no, that line of thinking would be too pro-Amercia and we can't have that from you MSM people. You actually enjoy Michelle's petulance as it advances your agenda. Stay angry, black people! America is baaaddd and she did baaaddd things to you! We white people are baaaddd! Let's all promise to keep hating each other!

So you pat Michelle Obama on her head, saying, Good girl! No matter what she does, what she says, what she wears, MSM, you say, Good Girl! You toss Michelle Obama biscuits of flattery and she actually smiles and eats it up.

In this latest head-pat, MSM, you've really dropped your pants (or lifted your skirt, whatever) to moon us Americans.

Just a few months ago you set off a media firestorm against Ann Romney for wearing a $990 shirt to a television appearance, but you have nothing but kind words for Michelle Obama's $6,800 jacket worn to an Olympic ceremony last week.

The MSM attempts to paint Mitt and Ann Romney as wealthy Americans who are out of touch with the working class, a complete falsehood if you look at the Romney family's history.

As for Michelle Obama eating up the fairytales being authored for posterity by the MSM? My answer is the same for any American reading. If it makes you feel better to take more from this life than what you give, good luck. And don't worry about your children being screwed up and confused or about the karma you're readying for them. I'm sure they'll be just fine.

The head-patting shenanigans need to stop. I'm embarassed for any adult who allow others in our world of grownups to continue offers to carry them. In our natural development as humans, the idea is to learn how to walk on our own and use our God-given abilities to meet our own needs.

That's my truth and I'm sticking with it.