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Friday, March 30, 2012


Trayvon this. Zimmerman that.

Bravo media. Well played .... again. I do marvel at how well you do at detracting us voters from real issues like the economy, gas prices and a coming presidential election. And you're also not too shabby at bringing out the murkey sides of character often dormant in us all, whether we lean left or lean right. Bloggers have been blogging all about it! Nice.

Some years ago when I was working at a corporate agency, I was passed over for a position I worked hard for. My boss had resigned mid-way through a multi-level project we'd worked on a few years and I thought I was a shoe-in for the job. The company left her position vacant for several months while I carried the ball, keeping outside partners reassured and engaged.

Long story short, they hired a new boss whom I helped train to run the project. Bleh. Many others have traveled this road before and after me. But at the time, I wasn't thinking about that. I was thinking glass ceiling! Nepotism! Unfair! Oh how I tried to cloud the real issue, which was I didn't have enough experience or credentials for the job.

I tried smoking mirrors, look HERE, don't look THERE. Look at THIS, don't look at THAT. The MSM are lackies for Obama.

Don't look at Obama's earlier associations with anti-American militants, or his affinity for terrorists, or his disdain for our military. Don't look at our country's steadily increasing deficit under Obama's leadership or his divisive antics with voters or his disregard for our Constitution.

As for the bleeding hearts fanning the flames on how racist America still is and how important it is to shine the light on any suspicious, albeit remote, race-related shooting, I'm reminded of a scene from The Godfather. The hero of the story, the godfather, a known murderer but amiable bully, is approached by a "little guy" from the neighborhood wanting a favor. The godfather grants the favor but reminds our "little guy" one day, you must remember that I did you this "service" and I will expect my kindness to be returned.

Get it? Your motives are rightly suspect. Do me a favor, don't do me any favors. I have a brain, thank you. And if you're the hand that feeds me, I'm prepared to chomp right up to your shoulders.

It's time the "little guy" start using his own noggin and stop letting others yank his chain. Nothing is free in this world. If you're still waiting on your life to improve because big brother promised he has only your interest, not his own in mind, I've got a bridge with you name on it for a great price! If you're bent on forcing others to see you in a way in which you don't even see your ownself, I can throw in some dirt for free!

While you're busy staring at the smoking mirrors, life is passing you by. Snap out of it! Stop waiting to die and make a contribution already. You can start by hopping off the media bandwagon. Take the reigns on your own life and help us take our country back!

That's my truth and I'm sticking with it.

P.S. Thanks for following me readers! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We interrupt these posts to bring you this public service announcement. Today marks fourteen days of posting since my return to the blogosphere. That may not seem like a long time, but in blogspeak it's kinda sorta significant.

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Speaking of traffic, I think this is the perfect time to send a shout-out to some amazing peeps in blogland who seem to really like me. Heh. Almost immediately upon my return to blogland these wonderful friends showcased my blog, welcoming me back with a dedicated post. How awesome are they?! A Great Big HUG and Thanks! to these blog-friends:

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Great Escapes ....

I've gotta have a little escape from reality to keep me sane. Of late, these are my yummy fixations.

Mad Men's Don Draper is back acting like a good boy (nnooo!!): married and in love! I wait with baited breath for him to be the cut-throat heartbreaker I know and love!

Joan, you sexy beast you! Get a sitter for the kid and let's see you strut! Yay!

And Roger Sterling came back funnier than ever! Love him! Sure, he's old money, alcoholic, rich kid but damned if he isn't entertaining. Ha!

The networks are sorely out of their depths against these shows. Great writing. Awesome casting.

Has any of you seen Timothy Oliphant in Justified? No? Talk to me when you have. Law enforcement is pretty much out-gunned in this outlaw Kentucky town. Sounds crazy but the violence is lessened with ... humor? I know. Just check it out :)

Hubby and I also checked out The Hunger Games last weekend. We really enjoyed it. More really good writing and casting. The directing? Not so much, but overall it was a movie worth seeing, especially on the big screen.

What about you? Any good television shows or movies on your radar lately?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Dear America, I am utterly in love with our racial tension. And I shudder to think of my life without it. Our racial tension is sweet and intoxicating. I confess, not only am I smitten with it, I find it insatiably addicting. In the face of racial tension, my knees are weak and I do not ever want to live without it. Or else what would I do with my time? How could I live with you?

Sincerely, Savior and Victim.

We avoid change like it’s it is a painful affliction.

Why do we eat? Why do we wash our hands? Why do we scratch? Because we’re hungry, they’re dirty, and we itch. We seek remedies to improve our condition. Remedies require change.

I’m not going to name the latest regularly scheduled racial tension news story. Because in six months there’ll be another one to take its place, compliments of the MSM. But I will say this, several bloggers have wisely pointed out that we citizens are once again being played like fiddles by the MSM.

This is our world. We’re not children anymore. We have to see our roles in every aspect of America’s changes. Should I scratch that itch for you? Should I feed you? Or might you want me to wash some part of your body? If you do, consider there may be something seriously wrong with you because that’s not adult or normal thinking.

And for those who believe the “little guys” are in perpetual need of your help to defend them against the “big guys,” there may be something really wrong with you too.

The “victim” and “savior” are simply roles some of us like to play. Change comes whether you’re on board with it or not. Change disables control and may cause confusion. But so does learning to ski, surf or riding a bike. Once we adjust, it is an exhilarating feeling!

Did 1950s America know what 1990s America was going to look and feel like? How did we get there? A number of different ways, but the most popular route was by individuals making changes in their thinking.

It’s 2012. Stop acting like it’s not. People die every day. No one death is more significant than the other. Are you the player or are you being played? It’s likely you’re part of our silent majority, living your lives and occasionally noticing the players.

Well I have a message for the players, saviors as well as victims. Maybe today’s not your day. But one of these days, your light bulb is going to flicker on and you’re going to realize that all along, everyone has simply been living their lives. And every happening in our great country was not always about you. Your antics have morphed into the ridiculous.

You may be crazy like a fox. But eagle eyes are on you and the snake won't let you tread.

That’s my truth and I’m sticking with it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Anyone notice just how little news coverage there is about Obama's daughter, Malia spending her spring break in Mexico? Of all the places for a 13 year old to go on spring break (since when do 13 year olds even have spring break?!), the Obamas choose a country where the murdering is rampant.

So I clicked on the link for a news story about Malia's vacay, after it popped up on my news tracker a few days ago and (surprise surprise!) the story was "no longer available." But this still is, so take a look.

You shut your whore mouth! Do not write anything that can lead to negative press about the Obamas! We have an election to win in November! Pay attention!

Uh huh.

So anywayz, according to reports, Malia Obama is on vacation with 12 friends, chaperoned by 25 secret service men. Sounds like a whole lot of tacos to me! WTF!?! I can't say I mind paying for Malia's spring fling as a taxpayer, but in Mexico?! Leave it to Barrack Hussein Obama et al to flaunt their authority on spending by funneling American dollars into a drug-cartel cesspool like Mexico.

And the last time I checked, 13 year olds get Easter breaks (a few business days before Easter Sunday) and college students get spring breaks, a week at the onset of spring. I call bullshit on that one!

Not to mention, our very own U.S. Department of State issued a warning just last month against travel to Mexico due to the country's increased violence and other criminal activites.

You shut your whore mouth!

Don't worry MSM. I got your back. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. We wing-nuts are hardcore like that, it's how we roll. Besides we wouldn't want you to get pimp-slapped by Barry and his peeps.

Attention on deck! Obama sent his daughter to vacay on the American dime in the pocket of our enemy! Mexico!

You're welcome.

That's my truth and I'm sticking with it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Remember when I said why I left doesn’t matter? Scratch that because it actually does. Especially for anyone else out there in the blogosphere who may feel what I felt. It wasn’t just that I felt tired. I went from feeling overwhelmed to under-whelmed to just plain apathetic.

I was in a dangerous place as an American, IMHO. I almost had an attitude of, eff it, do whatever the hell you want. I give up.

I know, right!?! Scarey scarey.

I started wondering why I was blogging. Who’s really reading? I’m not a real blogger, I’m a fraud! I thought, I don’t know much about politics! Or congress! Or the election process! Or what’s really required of an American president!

I just had a few opinions on a some current events and all of a sudden I’m blogging?!

Well, I er…. um… I guess I should keep writing, is what I told myself. I figured, okay, how hard can it be to give my honest opinion? People – well, not everyone – but a lot of people seem to like reading the truth.

Wrong, genius!! No, they really do friggin not! Lying is the way to go and the way of the world. Wake up, kid!

The truth? Yeah, I got tired of bringing it. And I told myself, it wouldn’t matter if I stopped. Most people aren’t listening anyway. And the ones who are listening know I’m a fraud. And if I went back to my anonymous life most people wouldn’t even notice and the ones that did, would just inevitably go back to their lives without me in it.

Yes, now of course, I realize all those things I was telling myself was wrong wrong wrong. But how did my head get so screwed up? Where did all those doubts come from?

Well, let me tell ya:

I don’t know how other black conservatives are fairing with their lives, but I’m here to tell you, it’s no walk in the park for a conservative chick like me out here in real life. There is a strong, suffocating reality that I am living with Every. Single. Day. as a black conservative in America.

More than 90 percent of blacks vote democrat. The 2008 presidential elections drew blacks in unprecedented numbers just so they could vote for Barack Obama. Do you understand what that means? No other ethnic group in our country can boast those kinds of stats.

That translates into a strange existence for me as I live my life among blacks in America. Of course, yes, I love ALL my fellow citizens, regardless of skin color. But I can’t unknow what I know about the majority of black people living in America. The majority of blacks are extremely disappointed with America and as a result, many of these blacks view and hold themselves as separate from the rest of the country’s citizens.

The reality of that knowledge is not as heavy a burden for myself, as it is for me, watching my kids (now young adults) trying to make their own way through this world. As much as I see myself as a woman first, and on any given day wife, daughter, or mother, I also belong to an ethnic group whose members are ambivalent about their own country.

THAT’S my reality. And after blogging for a few years, I began to doubt myself. Not doubt my values as a conservative, that’s rock solid. But I began to doubt that my voice was necessary. And the doubts came because I had been feeling so out numbered.

But my conservatives friends stayed connected with me through Facebook. And even though I pulled away from the internet, I still read the occasional blog. I just couldn’t stay gone ... thank God. And I’ve learned, through the passionate writing of book authors and bloggers, just how important it is for an ordinary Joe like me to keep putting my voice out there. I’m just getting warmed up and I’m not going anywhere.

That’s my truth and I’m sticking with it.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Finally! I have a breather this afternoon. I’m happy to be back among you lovely blogging people, but I haven’t had time to post much. When I decided to put my blog back up, it didn’t occur to me to consider my work schedule. I just happen to choose the busiest time of the year at work to start writing again. So bear with me.

I was shocked and disheartened over the death of Andrew Breitbart. I have Nikki to thank for introducing me to his Facebook page and his blogs a few years ago. I never knew him, but I was a fan of his writing and his conservative passion. His death is a great loss to the conservative movement. But even in death he continues to inspire us with his legacy. Thank you Andrew Breitbart.

I will also miss Whitney Houston. There will never be another voice like hers. I thank her for never disappointing me by publicly revealing her political leanings.

So what do you think? Can we get rid of Barack Hussein Obama in November? I really hope so. Just so we’re clear, he did not get my vote. No buyer’s remorse here. I knew he sucked elephant balls from day one. No experience? Check! Hates our country? Check! No respect for ANY of our men and women in uniform, especially police officers? Double check! Loves Muslims and all threats to America? Double check! Is a whining bellyacher with no loyalties to anyone but his ownself? Check! Stands firmly against our Constitution? Check! I could go on, but you get my drift. I want that man OUT of my White House come January 2013.

I will support whoever’s on the Republican ticket. It’s that simple.

I’m not done with my blog layout, so don’t be surprised with some changes as I settle back in here.

We do have the Obama presidency to thank for honest racial dialogue in mixed company. So I’m gonna keep telling my truth about it. There’s a lot of hostility under some of the polite smiles we see among people of our nation. I think it’s time for us to get to know each other a little better, take the gloves and masks off so to speak. It’s time. This way we lessen the likelihood of voting another fraud like Barack Obama into the highest office in our land. I’m not proposing anything unheard of. Some brave souls have already written books about it. I just think it’s time we start blogging about it. Not for apologies or forgiveness sake. That’s silly, we’ll leave that to the lying liars or kindergarteners. They’re better suited for such public posturing. So we should talk!

Last but not least, after eight years of marriage I’m still in love with my hubby, hero and best friend. Noteworthy because our love gives me my wings, enabling me to sore in all aspects of my life. Our love makes me better when I show up here.

That’s my truth and I’m sticking with it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

THAT storyline again? FAIL.

When we were kids, we played out our make-believe stories with each other. And there was always that one kid who always got to be the hero or the boss, playing the princess or the ruler. Since I was the oldest among my two siblings, I usually got those parts. Heh.

But once I was outside, among the playground kids, a reticent scrawny gilr like me, usually got to play the less glamorous parts. The more boisterous kids were often in charge of how the story went.

Lately, I’m reminded of those childhood days almost every time I attempt a little television escape from reality. We’re all grown up now and it occurs to me, the more boisterous kids are still often the ones at the controls.

I first fell in love with Jason Isaacs' acting chops in The Patriot. And I also really loved him as Michael in a Showtime TV series, The Brotherhood.

Thankfully, I know nothing about his political leanings. All I need to know as a fan is he’s a really good actor. That made me excited to see him as the star in the new TV series, Awake.

I was intrigued by Awake’s story concept, a detective is in a car accident with his wife and 16 year old son. When he wakes up he finds he’s living in two different realities, one where his wife survived, but his son has died and one where his son survived, but his wife has died.

My hubby and I watched the third episode this week. Fail. We decided the writers went the lazy route on the storyline with a predictable plot and eye-rolling clich├ęs.

Enter Clifton Powell, a guest on last week’s episode who was clearly type-casted. I imagine the producers were on a search for someone with dark skin and capable of menacing looks. In the episode he played the anti-hero, a prison escapee who kidnaps the detective’s son and is shot and killed in the end.

But wait! Our grieving detective decides the motive of the convict/kidnapper begs reconsideration and after some digging he determines – wait for it – the convict was framed! He was an innocent man, wrongly convicted of a crime! He only broke out of prison and kidnapped his son in order to prove his innocence. Ugh.

All the usual suspects of social ills are unveiled in one left-leaning episode of television drama. Racism, dirty cop, faulty legal system, black perpetrator/victim, anti-establishment savior cop. Yawn.

I thought, do people really still fall for this kind of television? Sadly, yes. Why should the vast TV viewing audience be expected to question the motives of TV writers and producers? Bleh. Too much thinking. If they wanted to use their brain, they’d read. Dah!

In my story, since I don’t need saving, the MSM relishes dismissing me and/or villanizing me. I am conservative. I am Herman Cain. I am Clarence Thomas. I am Shelby Steele. I refuse to play to type.

Well readers, we’re not kids anymore. The stakes are higher and we’re history in the making, so here we all are. Blogging is the new boisterous.

That’s my truth and I’m sticking with it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guess Who's Back?! Heh.

So maybe you noticed, I was gone for a spell.

Quite frankly, I was tired. I was also disheartened and maybe a little disgruntled.

No excuse. No excuse for just pulling the blog and disappearing. It was wrong of me to do that. Thanks for coming back here to read me. I'll try not to let you down.

Why I left doesn't matter. The point is I'm back. I feel rested and fresh. I feel ready to kick some ass and take a few names, know what I mean? You have good reason not to trust me on sustaining this new enthusiasm. All I can say is, stick around. I intend on working to earn back your faith in my writing here.

So without further ado, let me tell you what finally worked to get me back here.

Does the name Shelby Steele ring any bells? Of course, I'd heard of him, but I only knew of his A Bound Man.

So I read this book recently and I was like, HOLY CRAP!! I need to blog!

You know I love you readers, I do. But for the last few months of my blogging I had begun feeling outnumbered and overwhelmed by the leftist monopoly of the MSM. Yup, I confess, the liberal madness was under my skin, giving me a headache. It was beginning to feel as if I was seeing the liberal message in all things, screaming at me, everywhere I turned. Television, movies, books, magazines, newspapers!

If I went on-line to check the weather or get a little news, I had to first click past stupid yahoo or the idiot msn dot com with their slanted sucky headlines. Grrr! And then! If that wasn't enough, glassy-eyed black people who love Obama, were friggin surrounding me! Ugh! These glassy-eyed strangers would assume, because I happen to be black, that they could chat me up about their love for O-moron. Seriously. I needed a break.

But then! I never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Facebook! One of my friends started a discussion on his FB page that led me to discover The Content of Our Character by Shelby Steele, a must read for anyone who has spent any time living in our GREAT COUNTRY, AMERICA. The book, published over 20 years ago, takes an honest look at the effects of race relations on each of us and how it's evolved since the 1950s.

Steele, a conservative, advocates eliminating affirmative action in favor of rewarding individual performance based on merit. Here here! I will say more on my feelings about race in America today in later posts. But for now, let me say this. Having read this book, I feel like I found a long lost friend. Among Americans, I feel completely at home. That's a given. I LOVE my America. But it has also saddened me to feel so alienated from most black people. So many blacks are left-leaning and voted for Obama, not for his politics, but for the color of his skin. I did not. And I hope to see Obama booted out from my White House in November.

Yes, I've read writings by Thomas Sowell and some others. But noone has boldly said what Steele said in this book. Awesome! So having read The Content of our Character, and having taken a few months off to rest and re-group, I'M BACK! And I'm feeling pretty good.

That's my truth and I'm sticking with it.