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Friday, November 30, 2012

We, Americans

I'd love to read a headline a headline like this: American citizen struggles to change with country. Man goes through motions on auto-pilot.
Isn't that about right? I think it is. And I'm not just talking about the recent election. I'm talking about the many changes in our world in recent years.
For instance, five years ago I had to wrap my head around the fact that my 19 and 16 year old kids used texting to communicate more often than talking on the phone. I distinctly recall wanting to press the brakes on that technological evolution and its results.
It seemed so wrong, ya know? Young people opting for abbreviated words and abbreviated sentences instead of practicing converstation.
My kids would be fine, I knew. Whether in the mood or not, I've always engaged them and they've always responded. We've been talking since they were teething droolers. But what about their peers, likely living in unparalleled circumbstances? The outlook for their generation appeared grim. 
So yes, cell phones were good and bad in my life when it took off with popularity.
My grandmother probably felt this way about the computer replacing the typewriter or the microwave accompanying the oven (for different reasons, of course). We've been flooded with so many changes in our country.
When immigrants were fleeing their land to improve their quality of life, looking towards a hopeful future in the new world, and when African kings sold their countrymen into slavery to Europeans, nobody considered fully how it would all shake out (in a few hundred years). What a beautiful mess we've become.
If socialists didn't have such a chokehold on all things media, including the editorial and book industry, there might have been a section in self-help available to American citizesns on how to live in this new newworld. We might have some guidance on how to swallow our grinding to raw irritation in the face  of the Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas during these coming weeks.
We might learn how to adjust to being outnumbered by the unemployed. How to accept organized campaigns which attack businesses and capitalism. How to accept propagandized hatred of wealthier citizens. How to accept ceaseless instigation of racial division.
How to accept being forced to share our earnings with people who refuse to work. How to accept consecutive life sentences to infinity of amends-making for slavery and racism.
Whereas once upon a time, all across our old worlds, we freely referenced God and declared our thanks for His love and His mercy, to such extents, we even fled old homesteads to freely worship elsewhere. Today God references are considered outdated, offensive and even ridiculous. (What a crazy, upside down world we're living in!)
How to stick to your morals in the face of overwhelming odds, would have been nice.
Oh there's so much more! But I'm sure you get my drift.
Maybe some of us are old and tired and cranky and who cares as long as they stay off my property unless they wanna get shot. I'm not that old, but sometimes I feel just that way. But then a thought nudges and I say to myself: Hey young lady. Somebody out there might need to know they're not alone with their thoughts on these very matters.
And many of us have children attached to us. Who need us to keep pressing truthfully on their behalf. And some of us just plain love this country and what is used to represent. So there ya go!
You're welcome.
Merry Christmas and God speed.


mCat said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love that we are not alone. And love the line about children being attached to us and we need to keep pressing truthfully on their behalf

Granny Annie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates
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Granny Annie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Well there is your book. You write it.

My greeting is" "I wish you Happy Holidays from my Christmas Heart."

Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

A total kick ass post! Mostly because it's pure honesty. My favorite line is definitely "Hey young lady. Somebody out there might need to know they're not alone with their thoughts on these very matters." I couldn't agree more and your point was driven beautifully. It's a strange and exciting time we live in and we press on when it appears the other side is winning. But then again....are they?? Great post!! :)N

namaste said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

mcat, thanks! it's definitely all about the children. yes, love knowing you're with me.

annie, i think you're right about this particular kind of book falling to me. Merry Christmas to you too!

nik, we ARE living in a strange and exciting time. i feel thankful to be here, at this place and time. oh yes, let the other side be lulled with their apparent spoils. i'm happy to be standing on the side WE are on. thanks for "getting" me. you always do!